Hamptons Real Estate: The Perfect Destination For New Yorkers

Just mentioning “The Hamptons” evokes images of coastal mansions and magnificent farmhouses that serve as summer playgrounds for the East Coast’s affluent. Yet, it is also home to a growing community of year-rounders intrigued by the waterfront backdrop and gorgeous landscapes. So, whether you are looking for a permanent residence or a vacation home, this post will highlight why The Hamptons is a dream destination for New Yorkers.

Everybody Loves The Hamptons!

The Hamptons have been quite popular for years. Its villages offer New Yorkers the perfect combination of rural ambiance, seaside, and historic and exclusive beauty, all within a short distance from the city.

It is New Yorkers’ ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of the “Big Apple” and relax in the sun, or to party in the most trendy spots of Hampton Bays, East Hampton, and Montauk.

Many celebrities buy vacation mansions or homes there, and the lack of paparazzi makes it ideal for relaxing and unwinding. Others prefer the Hamptons for its top-notch beaches, vibrant atmosphere, and renowned restaurants, with luxury condos and houses offering convenient beachfront accommodation.

How Do You Access the Hamptons?

Driving from New York is the most convenient option. Depending on traffic, the travel from Midtown to East Hampton Village takes between 2 and 3 hours. The well-known “Hampton Luxury Liner,” or the “Hampton Jitney,” which makes stops in major notable hamlets and villages, is another popular mode of transportation for visitors.

Alternatively, you can take the “Long Island Rail Road” train. A train ride from Penn Station to Montauk can take up to 3 hours. In the summer, though, there is an express train that runs to and from the Hamptons every Friday afternoon.

However, if you want to arrive at the Hamptons fast, flying is your best option. So long as you can afford it. A helicopter ride helps bypass traffic; you will be there in under 30 minutes.

The Hamptons Offers More Than Just Vacation

The Hamptons luxury real estate market is thriving and boasts some of the most exquisite homes, including manors and villas owned by celebrities. However, you might also find single family houses and condos, thanks to a strong market with increasing prices and sales.

While this year’s market might be slower than last year, the market has steadily risen. In fact, the first quarter of 2021 has a 48.4% increase in revenues, the best first-quarter total in six years.

What Sort of Properties Are Listed in The Hamptons?

The Hamptons real estate market is resourceful, but single-family houses accounted for 80% of market transactions in the first quarter of 2022. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, demand has shifted, and many people are now seeking homes with more space and less density.

Many off-season rentals and condos are available in picturesque beachside villages and Long Island’s East End towns. Rather than just being a secondary-home market, this highly sought-after area is becoming a co-primary market, with people preferring to buy homes rather than spend money on expensive, luxurious summer rentals.

Buy a Home Today with Christopher Covert

Now, more than ever, Hamptons real estate is on the rise. So, if you are looking to buy a home and enjoy some of that New York City lifestyle, Manhattan is not your only choice. To explore the best listings that the Hamptons offers, along with expert advice and guidance on buying a home in the Hamptons, consult Associate Broker Christopher Covert.