Kitchen Cabinets: Best Color Schemes

Kitchen cabinets are the most prominent part of your kitchen. Cabinets are typically the first thing a person sees when they enter your kitchen. Since kitchen cabinets require a lot of space and attention, it is important to choose them wisely. Are you thinking about why cabinets are essential when renovating a kitchen? Well, there are three reasons why cabinets should be changed or modified during a kitchen renovation:

  • They can change the look of your kitchen dramatically.
  • They cover at least 30% of the area overall in any kitchen, so changing them magnifies the impact of change.
  • Old cabinets may become weak and look aesthetically less elegant.


You might think that changing kitchen cabinets can add to the cost of kitchen renovation a lot. You are right, but there are ways to cut down costs on new kitchen cabinets. There are tons of options online from which you can choose your kitchen cabinets and compare their prices before you make a purchase. 

You can consider Kitchen Wholesalers cabinets for low-cost but high-quality cabinets. You can’t get very high-quality kitchen cabinets at a meager price. Beware that cheap kitchen cabinets can disappoint you. You shouldn’t worry about the price because the net result and effect are totally worth it. 

Preferred Colors

The market for kitchen design and related materials has grown tremendously and allows customers to purchase any color and texture scheme for cabinets. However, some classic colors in kitchen cabinets will always be best sellers. Since those colors are high in demand for kitchen cabinets, they are easy to find if a minor replacement and repair is required. 

Now let’s explore what colors are safe and aesthetic options to choose from for a kitchen cabinet:

  • Black 

Intense and mesmerizing black cabinets stand out in a kitchen with a black and white scheme. Black kitchen cabinets provide a modern-looking appearance and aesthetic beauty to the kitchen. However, black kitchen cabinets are preferred for kitchens with a lot of natural light coming in from windows.

  • White

White kitchen cabinets provide a heavenly clean and hygienic look to your kitchen. Since white cabinets require cleaning, they are great for professionals that are obsessed with their kitchens. If it’s hard for you to maintain your kitchen, white cabinets aren’t for you. 

  • Grey 

Elegant greys are a perfect color scheme for kitchen cabinets. You can experiment with various grey shades to mix and match the foregrounds and backgrounds of different parts of your kitchen. So, you have a variety of shades to use, and you can avoid having a monotonous kitchen despite using a single color.


Playing safe with color schemes can help you reduce repair costs in the future. Classic colors are high in demand for kitchen cabinets and countertops. They are readily available whenever replacement is required.