Newburyport Neighborhoods and Lifestyles: Endless Activities and Fun

Are you considering buying a home in Newburyport? If so, you will be joining many other investors who have discovered why this gorgeous city is a perfect place to call home. Located just 35 miles Northeast of Boston, Newburyport is a beautiful coastal town that seamlessly merges historical elegance with a vibrant modern lifestyle. This coastal town also hosts tourists all year round who get to experience great shopping and dining. Read on to learn more about the lifestyle in Newburyport.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Newburyport is 13% more expensive as compared to the rest of Massachusetts. However, this is because of the city’s real estate market. Newburyport’s housing market is very competitive, with an average home price of $367000-659,000 per square foot. If you are interested in renting, the average rent is $3100 for all property types in Newburyport.

While the housing costs might be burdensome, other expenses are much more affordable. Health care is 12% cheaper than the national average, and transport is 2% cheaper than the national average. If you are interested in checking out homes for sale in Newburyport listings, contact real estate agent Rick Zaniboni for more insights.


Many people with school aged children choose to relocate to Newburyport due to their top-rated school district. Some of the most popular public schools in Newburyport are River Valley Charter School, Edward G. Molin Elementary School, Newburyport High School, and Rupert A Nock Middle School.

These schools are highly complimented on their student’s test scores and progress. There are also excellent private schools in Newburyport, such as Inn Street Montessori School, Immaculate Conception School and Newburyport Montessori School. The combination of academic excellence and a supportive community makes Newburyport an ideal place for families seeking a nurturing environment for their children.

The Neighborhoods

Newburyport is a great place to live, with various neighbourhoods which can cater to different needs. The three most popular neighbourhoods in Newburyport include Browns Park, Newburyport South End, and Plum Island. Browns Park is a small community that provides access to many single-family homes.

Newburyport South End is one of the largest neighbourhoods with many middle-aged adults, offering spacious homes alongside various shops and parks. On the other hand, Plum Island is ideal for older couples with medium-sized, older homes. It offers a beach within walking distance, which is the hub of recreational activities for its residents.

Fun Activities

The charming town of Newburyport is full of exciting experiences. If you enjoy shopping, you can take a stroll through the historic downtown area and visit the unique boutiques. Take a relaxing walk or bike ride on the scenic Clipper City Rail Trail, or visit the Custom House Maritime Museum to learn about the area’s rich maritime history.

Do not miss out on the gorgeous Plum Island beach, known for its crystal clear waters and soft sand. There are endless activities to enjoy at the beach for both adults and kids, such as swimming, building sand castles, fishing, and more! You will never run out of things to do in Newburyport.

Find Your New Home in Newburyport

If you are planning to invest in the Newburyport real estate market, consider working with real estate agent Rick Zaniboni. With over six years of experience in the Newburyport real estate market, Rick can provide you with the invaluable insights and guidance you need. You can trust him to deliver the most effective and responsive buyer experience. Contact Rick today to take your first step towards buying your dream home.