Outdoor Adventures in Cleveland: Exploring the Natural Beauty Surrounding the City

Have you considered making Cleveland your new home? There are many good reasons to make Cleveland your permanent home. For instance, it is home to some of the best outdoor activities around. When you relocate here, you should be prepared to take advantage of the many summertime outdoor activities the area offers. There’s always something to do outdoors in Cleveland, whether relaxing with a few drinks and some friends, exercising with your special someone, or taking the kids and the dog for a stroll.

If you’ve decided to explore Cleveland homes for sale, it helps to familiarize yourself with some of the outdoor adventures at your disposal.

Visit the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

If you want to relocate to Cleveland, don’t miss its spectacular metropolitan zoo, which has a thrilling recreated tropical rainstorm in its Rainforest habitat and is home to the greatest collection of primates in the US. Additionally, the Ben Gogolick Giraffe Encounter and 4D cinemas are available.

The Greater Cleveland Aquarium

When moving to Cleveland, Ohio, one of the things to do here is visit the Greater Cleveland Aquarium whenever you get a chance. You can find over fifty exhibits throughout the aquarium’s eight galleries; some of the most popular are the Touch Pool with sting rays and the Sea Tube with sharks. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Progressive Field are two other landmarks that may be found in downtown Cleveland. The east side’s Terminal Tower has a lookout deck with 360-degree city views.

Take a stroll through Lakewood Park

Lakewood Park is a big green space in the city’s eastern neighborhoods. There are sports courts and fields, as well as a seasonal pool, a skatepark, and a bandshell in this park. It is a favorite of residents and tourists because of its closeness to Cleveland and Lake Erie. If you are considering investing in Cleveland real estate properties, Lakewood Park will be one of the best places to take your kids. It has numerous activities where they can burn some energy.

Cleveland Cycle Tours

“The ideal group party bike” is Cleveland Cycle Tours in Cleveland. It’s where you can go on a bar crawl or other fun event while pedaling around the city’s hippest and liveliest areas. Suppose you are looking for an activity to involve the whole family. In that case, Cleveland Cycle Tours will help provide a fun and memorable group cycling adventure around Cleveland’s diverse Ohio City, Tremont, and downtown areas.

Considering exploring the A.B. Williams Memorial Woods

If you move to Cleveland, spare a weekend to explore this magnificent beech-maple old-growth forest and get lost in its thick labyrinth of enormous trees. Cleveland Metroparks’ first naturalist, A.B. Williams, founded the first Trailside Museum in these woods in the 1930s while working on his doctorate. Trees in this wood are hundreds of years old, including beech trees, sugar maples, a unique stand of hemlocks, and many more. In addition to being an Old Growth Forest Network site, it is also a National Natural Landmark. It is one of the places where you can enjoy nature alongside your family.

Try skydiving

If you buy a home in Cleveland, the summer could be the time to finally gain some courage and go skydiving if you’re searching for a true adrenaline rush. There are two options for first-timers at AerOhio in Rittman: a tandem dive, in which an instructor is attached to you, and an advanced free fall, where you dive by yourself with instructors by your side. The latter involves more time in the classroom and costs more money, but it may be worth it for the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel afterward (and the badass photos you’ll get).

Buying a home is a massive investment, so you must ensure you get it right the first time. It would help to consider what the outdoors offer. Luckily, Cleveland has natural outdoor beauty surrounding the city. There’s almost something for everyone to try when not working or want some time outside the house.