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Marina del Rey is one of the greatest areas for boaters. As the name indicates, the area is home to California’s biggest small-boat harbor. The neighborhood is smaller and more urbanized compared to other Los Angeles communities. While single-family residences are available, most of the homes in the region are luxury condominiums and townhouses. The Marina del Rey real estate market is attractive to young professionals and families. It is adjacent to Venice Beach and Playa del Rey, where you’ll find several restaurants with stunning views of the Pacific.

Here are the top reasons to convince you that moving to Marina del Rey is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make:

Excellent location

Marina Del Rey is as near to the sea as it gets. The area encircles the marina, which opens immediately onto the Pacific Ocean. Marina del Rey homes are particularly appealing to people and businesses alike due to their closeness to the ocean and the beautiful beaches of the Westside area.

Marina Del Rey’s neighboring communities place it in the heart of some of Los Angeles’ most affluent districts. To the north, Santa Monica is densely packed with new tech enterprises—it was the hub of the Silicon Beach phenomenon—from which Marina Del Rey homeowners and companies immediately profit. Venice is also directly on Marina Del Rey’s northern boundary.

Route 1 is located right outside of Marina Del Rey. Residents may use this roadway to go quickly and efficiently along the coast towards Malibu, or they can take a 20-minute trip to neighboring LAX in Westchester. This area is at the epicenter of L.A.’s business transformation. Marina Del Rey is a good location for trendy real estate since vital facilities such as beaches and LAX are accessible.

Excellent educational facilities

People do not consider Marina del Rey to have excellent schools, yet it does! Coeur D’Alene Elementary receives a 9 out of 10, whereas Venice Senior High School receives an 8 out of 10. Marina del Rey Middle School receives just 3 out of 10 points. However, before dismissing this school, do your investigations. The dancing and marine science courses are also outstanding. If you do not want to attend Marina del Rey Middle School, there are other magnet, charter, and independent middle schools in the area.

The climate

Marina del Rey boasts some of the nicest weather in L.A. The average low temperature during winter is 47 degrees, and the average maximum temperature in the dog days of July is just 79 degrees. There are 268 days of sunshine yearly but only 22 days of significant precipitation. It is unrivaled.

Health is a priority

One of the best reasons to relocate to Marina del Rey is for your health! The area is very walkable; there’s a bike path, water sports, and wonderful weather that enables you to engage in these activities throughout the year. But wait, there’s more! Your healthcare requirements are provided locally, with dentists, physicians, and urgent care directly at Lincoln and Cedars-Sinai Marina Hospital. You may find amazing health food shops like Rainbow Acres Natural Foods and healthy restaurants like The Mad Carrot and Tender Greens. There are also exciting things to keep you active nearby, such as yoga, fitness centers, and other sports facilities.  

Marina Del Rey possesses so much to offer. Its beachfront homes are a huge plus. Its prime location in Silicon Beach only adds to its allure. Once you buy a home here, you get one of the best residents and are almost certain its value will skyrocket over time.