In the European countries, the terms rugs and carpets are occasionally used interchangeably because both are coverings used for floors. Do you also think that carpets and rugs are the same things altogether? Well, there might have been a misunderstanding and we are here to clear it all.

Rugs and carpets both are described as coverings for the floors that may or may not be thick and provide a new or desirable look to your space. The major difference or the thing that differentiates them both is their size. Generally, carpets span from wall to wall, and rugs are around 2 to 5 meters covering only a small space. Yes, there are large area rugs as well, but they do not go from wall to wall as some space is left on the corners.

other than the size the rugs offer the advantage of having a splash of color, imagine you like a design and buy a carpet of that beautiful magical color but it doesn’t compliment your room as it becomes overwhelming so to prevent that you can go for a rug which will only be at a specific place and will not overwhelm the room and neither will make the room look dull and it will also be a good dace separator.

Another difference goes towards maintenance, rugs are easier to clean compare to their larger counterparts. just pop them in the machine and they will be good as new but on the other hand carpets require deep cleaning, which is better to be left to professionals, you can try cleaning them at home but that is a long laborious process and there is no guarantee that it will clean away the grime or not and don’t forget the drying process which will take days to do so.

carpets cover your place from one wall to another so they provide complete protection against the cold floor or the floor in general which is a boon for people with sensitive feet or people who just don’t want to step on the floor, whereas rugs do not offer that whole room warming function, but you can always have both of warmth and extra comfort in your room.

the other difference might be that rugs are moveable and slippery which makes them a falling hazard if not stuck to the ground via tape or sticking pads, their corners are famously known far and wide to fold over and let the person fall. However, carpets are kind to not do that as they are stuck to the ground completely.

Rugs are lightweight which makes them easier to install and move around whether in the house or outside, carpets on the other hand are very heavy and require lots of glue to be attached to the floor. They are difficult to carry and install also there is a possibility that you might not be able to take the carpet into the next place you move to.

Due to the use of glues and sticking agents’ carpets are prone to disfiguring the texture of the floor and make them perfect hosts for mildew as well whereas rugs do not do any such thing.