What are the Different Types of Roofing?

Let’s check on some of the most used roofing materials:

  • Metal Roofing:

Metal roofs aren’t only often discovered on commercial structures. Because of their fire, as well as climate resistance qualities, they are now becoming preferred for houses. A metal roofing system can last up to 50 years and you can also add a roofing system on top of the metal. Amongst the greatest advantages of metal roofs is their low maintenance, so you can enjoy these roofing systems for many years ahead without making much effort on fixings as well as maintenance.

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  • Steel Roofing

Another popular, as well as a budget-friendly metal roof covering material, is steel. There are three main sorts of steel roof coverings: stone-coated, galvanized, as well as galvalume steel. Galvanized steel is made from zinc, which makes the roof covering extra rust-resistant. Galvalume is covered with aluminum, which is additionally corrosion immune. This type of steel roof can be repainted, as well as comes in a variety of colors. The stone-coated metal is made from a mix of zinc and ceramic-coated rock granules. However, it’s not as deterioration immune as the previous.

  • Solar Tiles

Solar ceramic tiles are new to the world of roof covering as well as are typically ideal for new-build properties or restoration houses. These floor tiles are like mini solar panels that are set up on traditional roof tiles. The most significant benefit of solar tiles is their aesthetics, yet you do require to change them every 30 years or so.

  • Asphalt Roof Shingles

Asphalt tiles are amongst the most common sorts of roof covering materials utilized for residences. These affordable roof shingles expand far past their low cost. They offer a high level of sturdiness and can last as long as 50 years. Since asphalt tiles are lightweight, they will not place any additional weight on your roof covering or undermining the sustaining structures. These roof shingles drive away moisture, as well as help, keep condensation out of the attic room.

  • Rubber Slates

When it concerns appearance as well as sophistication, there is a little roof covering material that can compete with rubber slates. This kind of roofing is typically made from recycled materials, such as rubber tires as well as EPDM. Did you recognize that in order to make adequate rubber slates for an average-size roof, it can take anywhere from 200-1,000 recycled tires! These slates are lightweight, as well as can be cut into various shapes utilizing a blade. What’s more, rubber slates can be mounted in any climate condition.

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