When To Get A Chimney Repointing

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Your chimney carries the important function of letting harmful fireplace fumes out of the house. These fumes impact the brick and mortar of your structure. If the bricks of your chimney are in good shape, but the cohesion between them has been compromised, you’ll need a chimney repointing.

Repointing is a chimney repair method that can bring your structure to life by renewing its stability and giving it a brand-new look. The purpose of repointing is to protect the chimney from the harmful effects of moisture, water, and harsh weather. Repointing focuses on the outermost layer of the mortar because of its constant exposure to environmental changes.

If you inspect your chimney for damage, look for cracks in the mortar. If not maintained, stone, brick, and even concrete block chimneys will crack and crumble. Thermal cracking due to heat from the fireplace may even damage the chimney flue, signaling a safety concern for you and your loved ones.

This post will look at the chimney repointing process and talk about when to get one.

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The Chimney Repointing Process

A chimney repointing job repairs the mortar between the building material, such as rocks or bricks, in the chimney chute. This process is complex because you first need to remove damaged material and cracked mortar. Any loose components are also replaced, as they may impact the new bonding between the bricks.

The gaps are then filled with fresh mortar, and the chimney chute is finished with an aesthetic finish. Repointing gives chimneys a neater look and enhances their durability. If maintained properly, it can last many years without any major repairs.

Let’s look at when it is time to get a chimney repointing.

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When To Get A Chimney Repointing?

Identifying a weakening chimney can only be done through frequent chimney inspection. You can hire a professional chimney cleaning service to help you out with the job. An expert will be able to spot damages that you may not even know of.

Here are a few sure signs suggesting a chimney repointing:

1. Mortar discoloration

A deteriorating mortar is indicated by a change in color. If your mortar looks weathered and different from what it used to be, it may be time to schedule a repointing. A chimney inspector will better be able to assess the condition of the mortar and the bricks to propose an action plan for you.

2. Flaking mortar

Old mortar peels or flakes as it loses its adhesiveness between chimney bricks. If your mortar has just started chipping, you have a few weeks before it will completely give in. In such a case, a professional will suggest immediate repointing to avoid major damages.

3. Tarnished fireboxes and damper

Excessive moisture or water can cause fireboxes and dampers to become rusty. This is an important sign to look out for and usually means that you need to either inspect your chimney or get in touch with a professional to do the job.

4. Cracks

Cracks and crevices on your chimney chute mean that moisture and vapors in the environment have already gotten into your chimney. Large and small cracks are both detrimental to the structure and need immediate attention.

 5. Spalling masonry

Harsh weather and moisture trapped between the bricks can deplete the mortar and masonry. Compromised structure durability increases the risk of a chimney collapse, destroying your property’s roofing and putting you and your loved ones in danger.

Chimney inspection and maintenance can help you avoid a multitude of problems by catching them before they get more severe. Ignoring signs of a weakening mortar or structure may lead to a complete chimney repair or rebuilding, which is much more expensive.

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